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A Prayer to Release Fear and Worry About Money

We all have “valley days” when we experience lack and limitation. Maybe you aren’t making enough money, you’re struggling to pay the bills, it’s seems like no matter how hard you try nothing changes. It’s easy to lose heart. When you experience set backs, life can seem bleak.

This audio from my Inspir-Action Now program is designed to raise your vibration and connect you to the Infinite Power that supports you in each and every moment. It teaches you the spiritual principles for prosperity and abundance, gives you practical steps you can begin to take to create money and prosperity in your life right now and anchors this with a powerful prosperity prayer that you can use to connect you to the Infinite Power - the true source of your abundance and prosperity - that supports you in each and every moment.

Unfortunately, fear and worry about lack of money produces more of the same! This prayer shifts this lack mindset once and for all and puts you in a prosperity frequency where you can generate abundance, including having plenty of money.