What is Spiritual Counseling?

A Spiritual Counselor offers counseling/therapy sessions similar to a traditional therapist using compassionate listening and prayer as avenues for healing, guiding you towards self-love, compassion and forgiveness.

It is not associated with any given religion and all faiths are welcome.

Prayer is a game changer and a respite. A few moments of effective prayer can shift your consciousness from one of fear and worry to one of gratitude and love.”

Angela Montano

What prayer is...

When we pray, no matter how we pray, we tap into something mysterious and profound. We acknowledge the presence of something bigger and more powerful than ourselves. We open ourselves up to its power to transform – to open our hearts, to create a change of perspective where we see things we have been unable or unwilling to see before, a willingness to listen, to let go, to forgive. We become receptive to possibilities and solutions we had not seen before.

When we pray to our Higher Power we are admitting we can’t do life all by ourselves. We acknowledge that we need help and that opens us up for something more than we can see and imagine from our limited perspective.

Through prayer, we are making a request to the Universe to see through the perspective of our Higher Power. We are saying we are willing to ALLOW that to happen.

Imagine you are flying on a plane during a storm. The plane is rattling and shaking and you feel the turbulence. All you can see and hear is rain, thunder and lightening. You are filled with fear that you are going to die. You begin to pray. You turn it over and ask a power greater than yourself to intervene and save you.

From your vantage point, all you can see is the storm around you. But there is another perspective. If the plane could rise above the storm clouds below, you would see clouds and infinite skies all around you. At that higher vantage point, it’s a smooth ride.

In the plane, flying through the storm, you can’t see the clouds and infinite skies above. Prayer is a higher perspective vibration. It’s about being willing to let go of your limited perspective and open yourself up to that Higher Power perspective. Prayer is recognition of a power and presence in your life that is greater than you that can transform your life.

Prayer is also an act of faith. Some part of you has faith that there is an answer, a solution, a way out. Prayer isn’t the work of the mind. It’s the work of the heart. It doesn’t matter how you pray, what matters is the feeling behind the words you say. There is no wrong or right way to pray. If you come from the heart, you can’t go wrong.

Prayer is the attunement of your mind with the love that already exists.”

Alan Cohen

How A Spiritual Counseling Session Works

We start the session with prayer recognizing the infinite Power and Presence that is guiding both of us.

Together we set a strong intention for healing, clarity and expansion.

When you are ready, you talk about whatever is on your mind and your heart until you are complete.

I listen and provide a safe space where you can be heard. I listen to you with an open heart.

When you are finished, I offer you feedback about what I have heard and together we explore the situation.

My intention is to always know the truth about who you are regardless of circumstances, and the “story” you may believe about yourself.

We focus on the situation you are experiencing and the changes that you desire for your life – perhaps in your finances, career, relationships, health, life purpose, creativity or spiritual development.

I support you in identifying the root causes of the conditions you are experiencing and help you discover what’s needed emotionally and mentally for you to live the life you desire.

I help you to release the limiting beliefs and mental patterns that keep you stuck in your present conditions.

I believe that the answers you are seeking are within you and that you know best what is right for you.

I support you by creating a field where you are able to tap into your divine guidance and discover the answer, solution or change in perspective needed to address whatever condition you are experiencing.

I may I may offer your energy work to clear blockages, teach spiritual principle, suggest a practice or some other tool that will empower your healing. 

We close the session in prayer.​

Prayer from the heart can achieve what nothing else in the world can.”


In your Counseling Session, you will:

  • Clear negative habits and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Identify and dissolve limiting and negative thought patterns
  • Heal false beliefs and align with Truth
  • Release resentment, worry, shame, blame and guilt
  • Embrace compassion, self-love and forgiveness
  • Release unworthiness
  • Embrace your divine birthright
  • Receive practical tools that integrate spiritual principles in your daily life

Some of the benefits you will experience:

  • Greater peace of mind
  • Improved relationships 
  • Reduced stress, improved health, more energy
  • Greater clarity and confidence to make decisions
  • Deeper connection with Spirit and trust in your intuition
  • Ability to see fresh perspectives and opportunities
  • A deeper sense of purpose
  • A greater experience of abundance
  • Experience unconditional love and acceptance
  • Greater freedom in mind and heart
  • Greater sense of your personal power
  • Greater awareness and ability to be present
  • Greater resilience and ability to go with the flow
  • Greater ability to feel joy, aliveness & more energy
  • More miracles in your daily life!

“Prayer is a personal expression that connects us to the divine. It connects us to the Creative Power at the center of the Universe, the Infinite Source of all life.”`

Adoley Odunton

Message from Adoley

"It is a privilege and a joy to pray with you. Spiritual Counseling Sessions provide a profoundly transformative process for both of us.  When I pray for you, I experience the benefits. "We are one." 

It is a privilege and a joy to pray with you. Spiritual Counseling Sessions provide a profoundly transformative process for both of us.  When I pray for you, I experience the benefits. "We are one." 

I am providing an introductory session because I know many of you are new to the experience of spiritual counseling, and I want as many of you as possible to experience the benefits.

However I do not generally see clients on a one-off basis other than in exceptional cases because I have discovered with my clients that true spiritual growth and meaningful change in your life happens over time."  

Adoley only takes on a handful of clients committed to their spiritual growth over time. Her clients work with her for 3 months, 6 months or a year at a time.

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Adoley Odunton is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Author and host of the acclaimed Wellness Revolution Telesummit Series, providing leading edge information and resources about health, wellness and empowerment to listeners worldwide. She has empowered thousands of people to make lasting and positive changes in their lives.

Adoley had a successful career in television until a physical breakdown due to constantly “running on empty” resulted in a rare autoimmune disease. Her struggle to heal herself led to a spiritual calling. She became a licensed spiritual practitioner trained by Michael Beckwith (The Secret) and a life coach and created the Wellness Revolution.

Adoley’s mission is to educate and empower you to let go of self-limiting beliefs, recognize your essential wholeness and express your full potential by connecting to the Divine Power within.