Day 4: Creating Space

“Spaciousness is essential to realizing who we are and where true peace comes from. As we put more space around everything — every choice,every word, every action, every emotion… we open up more room for peace and the experience of stillness to take hold. The space and stillness is who we really are, it isn’t empty space, it’s where our essential selves are. All the rest is our personality covering over the real us.”
~~ Eckhart Tolle

This program is called Soul Space for a reason.We are clearing our clutter in order to create space in our lives.We are choosing to consciously create an environment that nurtures our souls,where we are our surrounded by things and people we love.

Space where we have room to breathe, where we can listen to the rhythms of our body,the whispers of our inner guidance, the murmurs of our creative spirit and the longings of our heart. Today, give yourself a day of rest. Less doing, more being.

Give yourself permission to create space…for yourself.

To your uncluttered soulspace!