Day 3: The Wait Until You die and…

Let Your Relatives Sort It Out Method of DeCluttering

Have you come across the “Wait Until You Die and Let Your Relatives Sort It OutMethod of Decluttering?”

Do any of these stories ring a bell?

My brother, Chris, was visiting from Ghana a few weeks ago for his daughter’s graduation.He started complaining about financial accounts and other papers belonging to my father that he still hadn’t dealt with. My father died 5 years ago!!

Chris insisted that he would handle it and five years later it was still hanging over him.He’s a clutterer/hoarder just like my Dad. I told him to give me the list and I would handle it. He hung onto it for dear life. It’ll probably still be on his to do list next year!

Bill, a dear friend of mine died recently. He asked a mutual friend to be the executor of his estate. He had been ill for several years and Larry assumed that his affairs would be in order. Not! It was a nightmare.

He had 20 or more different bank accounts, not listed anywhere, critical papers relating to his Living Trust turned up in unlikely places like a top shelf that held unused equipment in the kitchen that no one would think of going to (thank goodness for the cleaning lady!)

Larry had to spend months clearing out his papers, finances and his stuff.

My yoga teacher’s parents died a few months ago. She finally summoned up the energy to start going through their stuff. After several exhausting weekends of sorting through boxes and rooms of stuff, her 12 year old daughter said:

“Mom, I don’t know why Grandma and Grandpa kept all this stuff. They never used it and it’s nothing we want…why didn’t they just get rid of it?”Out of the mouths of babes.

The Wait Until You Die and Let Your Relatives Sort Out Method of decluttering as author,Karen Kingston calls it puts a horrible burden on your loved ones at a time when they are overwhelmed by feelings of loss and grief.

Do yourself and everyone in your life a favor, take responsibility for your stuff and handle it NOW!

Get rid of what you don’t need, organize what’s left, decide who gets what and how you want your affairs handled, put it in writing and get it reviewed by an attorney if there’s money and valuables involved.

You can have peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order and your loved ones will thank you for it.

None of us know what may happen and when. So be prepared. Discard, organize and put your house in order.

To your uncluttered soulspace!