Day 16 – “What’s in Your Bag?”

It’s Funny Friday again!

Check out this video.

Let’s face it, a woman’s handbag can be the ultimate clutter magnet AND a toleration!

You’d think by now I’d have it under control, but I have to confess I’m still working on the handbag problem.

This is what I have in my bag right now:

Tissues, hairbrush, comb, hand moisturizer,notebook, pens(extras “just in case”), wallet, my cosmetic bag, a bottle of water

( plastic leeches and Jim goes crazy when I carry plastic) a set of keys, my essential oil kit, supplements, eyedrops, a smallemergency kit, scissors, my favorite tea bags, a mini bottle of almond milk (no dairy/soy) a probiotic drink, Kevita (no sugar/alcohol) for eating out, snacks (to stay on my eating plan when I can’t find food I need on the menu), my phone, headset,a book or magazine (“just in case”) plus the inevitable receipts floating at the bottom of my purse and that’s just my MINIMUM!Even when I use those cute little bags and clutches for special occasions. I have to confess I take a big bag and decant the essentials into my little bag but still have the big one handy in the car (“just in case”).

Lately, I’ve rearranged everything into smaller zipped bags and sorted items into categories. I have a specific place for my keys ipad, iphone, headset and purse. I no longer embarrass myself if someone has to look through my bag. The challenge is remembering to put everything back in their right place!

Now that phones are bigger, Jim ends up stashing HIS phone, wallet, keys and sunglasses into my bag. So I still end up lugging a BIG 20 POUND BAG of “stuff” while I put up with the “What on earth have you got in here – bricks? ” jokes whenever I ask him to carry it for me!

What’s in your bag? If you’ve solved the problem, share your tips!

To your uncluttered SoulSpace,