DAY 15: Daily Motivator “This Nine Year Old Will Inspire You”

How are you choosing to respond to your circumstances today? Are your thoughts positive?

“To stay positive, you have to think of all the good things.Think of what you have instead of what you don’t have.”
~~Ezra Frech

Ezra Frech is not an average 9 year old boy. He has overcome many physical challenges in his short life andrisen to be a top athlete in his age bracket.

I think you’ll be inspired and uplifted by the story of this amazing young boy.

Click on Video 1 below to see Ezra at 4 years of age andhear his story.

Then on Video 2 to see Ezra at 9. Hear what he has to say about being respons-able: choosing how you respond to the circumstances of your life and the power to choose your thoughts.

Video 1


Video 2


To your uncluttered soulspace,