Day 13: It’s Show Time! – Let’s See Your Before & Afters

It is often assumed that most perfectionists are neatness freaks but in fact,studies have shown that clutter bugs are often perfectionists. There is a relationship between people who have a lot of stuff and perfectionism.

What’s the relationship?

Both types often have extra stuff because they like to plan for contingencies and be prepared. So they stock up and keep stuff “just in case.”

They avoid or delay taking action in fear of making a mistake. The clutter bugis afraid to let things go, in “in case” they may need it later on.

The perfectionist avoids taking action because they don’t want to fail/make a mistake.So for all you perfectionists out there, give yourself some credit for the steps you’vetaken and any decluttering you have done.

It’s time to let go of the “I could-a would-a, should-a” and just acknowledge yourself for every step of the process.

It’s Show Time! Let’s see your before and afters.

Post them in the Forum under “It’s Show Time! – Let’s See Your Before and Afters.”

To your uncluttered soulspace!