Day 11: White Space

 I love Sundays. It took me many years to allow myself the luxury of a day of rest. This is a day when I make time for the people, places and things I love instead of the things I “should” do. I give myself permission for “me-time”time when I don’t follow a schedule, or a to-do list and just go with the flow.

Soul Space is much more than just clearing our clutter.It’s a process of discovery in which we can choose to consciously create our environment and our lives. We give ourselves permission to re-define ourselves and what is important to us; to get how far we have come and to discover where we are now.

We then get to choose what to let go of, what to keep and what to include in our new space that supports us in creating the life we want NOW. A life filled with more peace, joy,love, passion, purpose,laughter, abundance and wealth.Doesn’t that sound inviting?

When we create white space in our lives such as a day of rest on our calendar we are creating our Soul Space. To have a day when we aren’t driven by schedules and to do lists, but instead allow ourselves to be guided by our intuition and our emotions as we allow ourselves to listen to the music within us that wants to be expressed.

And that can be to sit and read a book, play with our kids,plant bulbs in the garden, go to church, have friends over,make a meal for the family, see a movie, spend time in nature or do absolutely nothing.

To your uncluttered soulspace!