Day 1: What is Your Clutter Ratio?

What is your clutter ratio?

A Finnish art student decided to inventory every object in her 2500 square foot home for her final thesis. She discovered that she owned a total of 6,126 items!

How many objects do you own?

Even more revealing was her analysis of how often she used each one.

Items used every day – 61

Items used every week – 401

Items used every month – 587

Items used less frequently than once a year – 2209

Items never used – 1457

Only 1% of her possessions were used every day, 16% were used every week or every month, 23% were used once or twice a year, and the rest were either used less than once a year or never used at all.

That’s a clutter ratio of 60%!

And she was a student. She hadn’t had decades like we have to accumulate history, baggage and stuff!

How much stuff do you have that is rarely used or not at all each year?

What many of us don’t realize is the energetic effect on us of all this clutter. Everything is energy including us and including our clutter!

Clutter is stagnant energy. All that stagnant energy is impacting our life because it surrounds us. We hold onto a lot of our stuff because we are afraid to let it go. We tell ourselves that many of these items are still “good” or “useful” and that they will come in handy down the line.

Meantime they are surrounding us with stagnant energy that creates blockages in the flow of energy around and within us.

The faster you get that stuff out of your space, the quicker you will restore the flow or chi in your body, your environment and your life.

Keep discarding!

To your uncluttered soulspace!