Ready to Supercharge Your Intuition?

Ready to Supercharge Your Intuition?

Is it really my intuition or am I just making stuff up?" How often do you find yourself asking that question?

I used to get so frustrated because I didn't know whether I could trust the messages I was getting. Then I discovered an amazing daily practice that has supercharged my intuition and taken away all my anxiety and fear. It has also given me a deep and abiding faith that living from intuition is truly The Easy Way.

Here's how it works. I start my day by asking myself two questions:

1. "What do you want me to BE today?
2. "What do you want me to DO?"

STEP 1. This immediately connects you with your Higher Power because you ASK FOR HELP. One of the reasons you have such a hard time trusting your intuition is because you don't ask for help. It's like turning on the light switch. The power is always there but you have to turn it on. As soon as you ask the question, the Universe (Source Energy) responds by sending you an answer.

STEP 2. The first question " Who do you want me to BE today?” connects you to the kind of person you are to be throughout the day. What quality are you going to embody? How are you going to treat people and respond to events?

In my case, the answer generally comes in the form of a word or phrase that pops into my head. The other day, I heard the words. "Be kind." I knew that was to be my practice for the day. In every situation I was to ask myself "How can I be kind?" This question becomes a guide for the choices I make and how I behave throughout the day.

I depend on the computer in my business. I had a day filled with deadlines and and technical breakdowns! I spent several hours with "customer support". By my fourth agent I was totally frustrated by the delays and the fact that he had a thick Indian accent that was hard to understand. I was about to lose it when I remembered my guidance: "Be kind." I stopped talking, took a deep breath and started to really listen to him.

By the end of the call, I had found out about his family, how nervous he felt dealing with impatient Americans and had given him some tools to help with his speech and deal with his stress. It felt so good to make the connection.

Spirit had given me the perfect assignment for the day. My purpose is to love and connect more deeply with people, not to meet deadlines and get through my to do list.

Often the guidance "makes sense" but sometimes it doesn't. That's when you ask questions for clarification. Listen and you will get answers. Once you have your assignment, put it in action during the day.

STEP 3. The second question "What do you want me to DO?” connects you to the most important thing that God wants you to do. Frequently, it's not what’s on your to-do list! Yesterday the answer for me was "Take care of yourself". So that became the guiding principle for the choices I made as I took action during the day.

I took time to cook a healthy lunch and sit down for the meal insteadof eating at my computer. I went on a long walk in the afternoon even though I was behind on an article I was writing. An idea came to me on the walk and I finished the article in record time when I returned.

The beauty of this practice is that by connecting to your intuition every day, it becomes a habit and you learn to trust it. By letting it govern your attitude and your actions you get to experience the power of your intuition to impact your daily life. You experience greater ease and flow when you follow it and before you know it, you are trusting your intuition and listening to it all the time.

Where do you think this practice came from? My intuition, of course!

Years ago I was at a career crossroads and torn between two choices. I went back and forth in my mind for days trying to figure out what to do. After a sleepless night, the two questions popped into my head in the morning. Exploring the answers to the question, not only solved my dilemma, (I followed my intuition), but also led to my daily practice.

Try it for a week or two and see how it alters your interactions with people and the way you respond to situations. See if life flows with greater ease and if your relationship to your intuition changes.

I'd love to hear how it goes.

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