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    Adoley Odunton

    Hi SoulSpacers!

    I hope you had a happy holiday.  You’ve all been very silent since Thanksgiving.  I know because I spoke to one or two of you that some major decluttering is going on.  I am sorry I was out sick over the holiday and then our two work computers crashed so it slowed me down for a while.  I am BACK!

    What are your wins?  What are your challenges?  What is going on?  How can I support you? I hope that you have all marked the notify me box at the bottom of the page on the right so you get these posts when I make them.  Please let me know.

    Post your picture on the site and your before pictures.  Post images that inspire us and make us laugh.  I know one of the ways your mental clutter shows up is lots of self-judgement and shame around showing your “imperfect” spaces.  Just know everyone is going through the same thing.  One of the great ways to unblock your energy is to stop holding on to the shame, the embarrassment and all that stuff you are all doing and realizing that you are in the same boat!  Go ahead and share your pictures and let go of all that mental clutter.  You won’t die and you will not only free yourself as Marianne Williamson says “you will liberate others”  So before please and if you have afters post those too and we’ll celebrate with you!

    If you are still having mind chatter over that, you can just post your intention and what you want to create as your SoulSpace.

    I have posted the new Mental Clutter calls.

    Observe the ways in which your mental clutter shows up and get ready for a “NO COMPLAINTS DAY!”

    Take 15 minutes once you listen to the calls and fill in your Completions and/or Tolerations sheet. You will be amazed at how much lighter you feel when you clear some of that clutter.

    We will continue to use those sheets when we talk about Emotional Clutter next week.

    Have a great weekend and get ready for your No Complaints Day this weekend.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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