Hi Folks


I’ve been starting to clean out clutter and old stuff no longer needed. Both the old toys and belongings of my two small boys as well as clothes, items and things stuffed into the garage that i didn’t even know was there.

I quite enjoy, cleaning out and also giving away. I just love imagining the things I no longer want or need will be used by someone who might actually enjoy them!!

Sometimes when i feel sad about letting go of something that cost me a lot of money. I use the image of just letting it go and that I have enough to go around.

I am also planning a big move for my whole family in about 6 months, so my plan is to have gone through all rooms, items and things stored in the garage before the next 3 months.

I have many old traumas around moving from childhood, I’m releasing and letting go as emotions surface. It’s not always easy navigating through the myriad of fears and doubts. But it’s a cleaning and healing journey.

I’m hoping by cleaning out, giving away and letting go i will be releasing old thoughts, feelings and traumas to enable me to cope with creating a more smooth and flowing new journey ahead.

This move is about changing my life on so many levels. New country, new language for my kids and me going home to my country of birth.

I will be starting to work again. Creating a new life with my family around. I’m really looking forward as well; Reminding myself to stay focused on the positive emotions around the move.

Much Love