Adoley Odunton

Hi Cynthia,

We all sympathize.  It’s a challenge to find the time especially when you have a demanding schedule like you do.  Be reasonable in your expectations of yourself.  Even Marie Kondo, the latest guru of decluttering says it takes many of her clients 6 months to declutter their homes.  It’s a process.
What you can do is to do the 16 items a day and get into the decluttering habit.  You can do it in blocks of time.  Maybe 20 minutes and schedule it in your calendar.  So you consciously set the time aside and make an appointment with yourself.

We all have a tendency to make our appointments with other people (work, family, kids, vet appointments, whatever it is, paying bills, IRS, doctor’s appointments but we constantly break appointments with ourselves.  That’s why I say schedule it in your calendar, see it in your life.
Make the appointments and promises you make to yourself as important as the obligations and appointments you have with other people.
If you can make those appointments, you can find 10 or 20 minutes a day for yourself.