Adoley Odunton

Great post, Hilary and we will be covering some of these fears and beliefs over the next couple of weeks.  You have a lot of limiting beliefs that keep you hanging on to your stuff and I will be doing an audio on the topic of limiting beliefs and you will learn how to uncover them.  Most of your limiting beliefs are in your subconscious and you are not even aware of them but they are holding you back.  So, for example.  You have been keeping empty boxes for seven years, and holding stuff in case you need it.  Do some writing in your journal.  Some questions to ask yourself:

1. Why am I holding onto these boxes/these clothes? Write down as many reasons as you can come up with.

a. Because I will need them when I move/Because I might need them for an audition.
b. Because I might need them in the future.
Continue with your list

2. What would happen if you got rid of the boxes?/of the clothes? (What are the benefits?)

a. I would have more space in my apartment.
b. I could put something beautiful in that space.

3. If you had to move, could you find more boxes?/could you go to a thrift store
and put an outfit together or borrow something from a friend? (Are you resourceful?)

4. Have you ever found empty boxes or clothes at short notice?

5. Would you say you are…/or other people consider you… resourceful?

6. List as many examples of your resourcefulness in life as you can.

7. List all the benefits of getting rid of your boxes and extra stuff.

8. Do the benefits outweigh your reservations and fear?

Explore these questions until you can see that you have the resources
and intelligence to provide what you need when you need it

9. Am I willing to let these boxes/clothes go?

You have some subconscious fears and beliefs, rooted in childhood,
like: I am not good enough, I won’t be taken care of, I’m afraid I won’t
have what I need when I need it.  Spiritually, you do not trust the Universe
to take care of you. Or fully accept that we live in an abundant Universe
and that there is more available to you than you can know or imagine.
We will be addressing those fundamental beliefs over the next few weeks

Let me know how it goes!