Ah Intentions, First to clear stuff so I can get clearer on a daily basis upon what my intentions are.      I see me clearing the physical, mental, emotional  clutter so that I am purposeful in all those areas. I intend to open drawers & closets exhaling with pride & satisfaction rather than inhaling with defeat & fear. No longer will clutter be the excuse of why I can’t move, have someone over, don’t look in there attitude. I will feel proud of my home for it’s flow. I make room for a partner to easily see himself with lots of space in every nook & cranny of my life. I will have a fun system to see clearly when things get piled up & how to easily clear the slate. I know where everything is. I enjoy letting go. When I communicate, even as soon as I walk into the room, there is a clarity about me & my intentions. I express clearly right down to my socks. I have more money because I am not buying 3 of everything for fear of it never existing again. I enjoy taking risks with getting rid of things that used to bring me a feeling of dread. Thank you all for your inspiring posts. I still have a way to go. Let’s have fun & be courageous!