I was drawn to this wonderful Soul Space journey, since I have long longed to move to another place than where I am currently living.
I am danish, moved to France 13 yrs ago to be with my now husband, who runs his own business here.
While I have a good life in many ways, two beautiful small boys, I am a trained Theta healer and Holistic Coach I just know that this is not my place deep down, I need to either live where it’s warm or go back to where my family lives in Denmark.
I have felt confused as to what to choose for myself. Denmark is definetly not warm, but is is my roots and family.
So what does my soul needs the most to thrive? Also what does my husband and children need and want as well?
So my intention is to declutter my life, in order to make space for the new life I want to co create with my family.
To get crystal clear on where my future home is located and to be able to move on with ease and grace.
I have a big issue about letting go and moving, many early life traumas. so much fear and doubt is arising in the process.
I also want to take my work to a whole other level and feel I can easier do so when I’m living in a place where I really feel fully belonging.
I’m looking forward to getting started and getting to know like minded souls.

Camilla Levin Lefebvre

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