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Adoley leads you in a guided meditation that will help you to let go of all the baggage you are carrying that is weighing you down and blocking you from creating the life you most desire.

In our modern fast-paced lives many of you live with endless to do lists and complain about feeling overwhelmed, lacking time and having too much to do. You may feel stuck or blocked in areas of your life and feel stressed out at the thought of it all.

There is a direct relationship between the amount of clutter you have in your life and these feelings and experiences. You see, your clutter isn't just your physical possessions it's mental, emotional and spiritual as well.

Your clutter includes the to do list of things you "should" do but don't really want to, habits and beliefs that have outlived their usefulness, relationships that no longer work but you are afraid to let go of, incomplete communications that you are afraid to have that weigh on your mind and heart, emotions that you are afraid to express, feel or acknowledge to yourself or you refuse to let go of that keep you stuck in the past.

You hold onto your stuff as a way of protecting yourself from dealing with emotions and thoughts that make you uncomfortable. But when you begin to declutter and allow yourself to decide what to keep and what you can let go of, you begin to find out who you really are give yourself permission to express yourself and create the lives you long to live.

This guided meditation weaves spiritual principles to support you in letting go of the things that no longer serve you.

All clutter is blocked energy. Learning to let go, not only gets rid of the heavy burden of unwanted baggage that you have been dragging around, it allows you to create the space for new energy to flow in in the form of new experiences, relationships, possessions, opportunities.