And yes, my husband voted for Donald Trump

And yes, my husband voted for Donald Trump

My dear friend, empowerment strategist and author, JJ Flizanes, sent this short film that was featured on Super Soul Sunday to me last weekend and I had to share it with you.

This eye-opening video was made after a study commissioned by a travel company, Momondo, discovered that 48% of the respondents believed that people were less tolerant of other people than 5 years ago. (You think?!)

Momondo partnered with which specializes in DNA testing and created a film in which the DNA of 67 people were tested to map their genetic ancestry.

JJ said that she felt racism was the main concern that we are facing at this time and this movie delivers a powerful message to anyone who thinks they are different from and better than others.

I believe that racism is the symptom not the cause. It is a manifestation of the core belief that we are separate and different from one another. The divisiveness we have experienced during this election cycle, reflects a belief in duality, Us vvs. Them. Progressives vvs. The Right, Liberals vvs. Trumpers etc. The fundamental belief is that the person other is OTHER than you and as a result it's increasingly difficult for people to talk to one another, to listen to each other and to stop demonizing one another, destroying friendships, families and intimate relationships.

I know. I have experienced this at first hand for the past year. My husband shares a lot of Republican positions and finally declared himself an independent and ultimately voted for Donald Trump. This has caused a lot of anguish and anger in an extended family of primarily Democrats and in our relationship.

But it has also forced me to confront my own resistance to change, and my inability to hear opposing viewpoints. I've discovered how many of my political beliefs are simply habitual or were formed years ago and not backed by fresh research or deeply considered opinion based on who I am now. I've let go of some of some long standing beliefs and positions and sometimes we've even discovered new possibilities and common ground.

I have also had to admit that many of the characteristics that I "deplore" in others are simply a reflection of aspects of myself that I have denied. I am constantly being challenged to let go of assumptions and be willing to "not know." At the same time, when I take a stand about something, it comes from a place of deeper reflection and self-examination.

When you can embrace your shadow side and admit to yourself that the qualities, characteristics and beliefs you deplore in others are also within you, you open the door to new ways of seeing your relationships and your world. True healing begins when you recognize that the other person is you.

Please take the time to watch the film. It's only 5 minutes long and if it resonates with you, post it on Facebook and share it with your circle of influence.

If you find this movie as powerful as we did, share it on Facebook and with your family and friends.

Click here to watch the movie

Love & Blessings,

PS. Consider this as a Xmas gift for someone you love. It is one of the items I'm giving this year. Find out how to take the test below.

How to take the DNA test

PPS. Note: The participants in the video are actors and extras Momondo found through casting agencies and the company was upfront about that. But each participant actually had their DNA tested and their reactions to their results were "spontaneous," and occurred in real time.

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