SoulSpace - New For 2017!

"A unique way to de-clutter your life both inside and out and reclaim your space."

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the clutter in your life? Are you living with chaos and disorganization? Does it feel as if you never have enough time for you? If you’re like most people you tackle the problem by trying to get rid of your physical clutter.

What you may not realize, is that your physical clutter is merely the symptom of the problem. Your clutter isn’t just your physical stuff, it’s your thoughts and emotions as well. Clutter is stuck energy. It wastes your time and drains your energy, but most of all it blocks the flow of new opportunities - relationships, money and experiences from coming into your life. Its roots are mental and emotional. Until you address the root causes that are blocking you,you won’t be able to lose that extra weight, increase your income or meet the loving partner you long for.

Soul Space is a powerful life cleanse that clears not just your physical clutter, but your mental and emotional clutter as well. As you uncover the invisible cords that bind you to your clutter and cut them, you open the flow and make space for the things you really want in your life.

Let me take you on an 8-week Soul Journey that will help you shed not just your physical clutter but also the unseen baggage you have been dragging around that holds you back. When you clear away your inner and outer clutter, you create breathing room to unwind and just BE. Make space for the real you, space to receive the gifts the Universe longs to give you.

Find your inner compass. Clear your inner and outer clutter. Take back your personal power. Create your SoulSpace!

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SoulSpace Testimonials:

"An AMAZING program. I got my house back, but most of all I got myself back."
Karen Jeter, Monterey, CA
I got rid of more stuff during SoulSpace than I’ve ever done on my own and it wasn’t just my physical clutter! I got rid of stuff that I’d been dragging around for years. Guilt and resentment about my family, about the way I’d been treated in previous relationships, blaming myself for mistakes I made with my kids. I let it all go and I feel so much LIGHTER and happier! All kinds of things are happening now in my life. Good things. And I know some of them are definitely because of SoulSpace. I finally broke through the income ceiling I’ve been stuck at for years. I’m a healer and I had a hard time charging for my work.All the way through SoulSpace Adoley gives you simple ways to make decisions and choices and how to have conversations with people and ask for what you want. They helped me ask for what I wanted and now I’m making more money and it feels great. I definitely got my SoulSpace back.
Paulette K - Boca Raton
I’ve tried decluttering before. I bought all the books and tried to do it on my own. But after a while, I just gave up. It was exhausting. It was SOOO much better doing it in a group and I got a lot done in the time. Adoley’s coaching is AMAZING. She helped me see things I hadn’t seen before about why I hold onto things and helped me let go. One of the best things she teaches is about how to have conversations with people. It helped me to set boundaries, speak up and STAND UP TO My ex. He finally moved his stuff out of the house after 2 years. It was AMAZING. I got my house back but most of all I got myself back. Thank you SOOOO much, Adoley.
Karen Jeter - Monterey, CA
"Without out a doubt, THE single most powerful personal development tool out there. By de-cluttering you really get to see who you are and who you want to be"
Patty Kitchen
I loved the spiritual flavor of the class & live calls & feng shui guest as I am rebuilding after I lost everything in a fire. The idea of creating a SoulSpace that makes my heart sing inspired me: seeing it as an outer manifestation of my internal retreat = my "happy desire". I am now clear on the new home and SoulSpace I am creating. It will be bright, open @ full of love, peace, & beauty with only heart-centered contents!
Ann Kofman
"Absolutely invaluable. I now have a much better idea of what I want and what is best for me and I have the confidence to go after it."
Jenny Van Saarloos - Australia
SoulSpace is one of the best courses I’ve taken in a long time. Adoley is a wonderful coach and Spiritual Teacher. What I love is that she really knows her stuff and teaches spiritual principles but helps you apply them in your everyday life. SoulSpace is very practical and deeply spiritual at the same time. It’s a beautiful way to get rid of the stuff you don’t need in your life.
Mary Harron - New York
he call on letting go of spiritual clutter was perfect for me. A grand solution to all my clutter. The phrase Adoley used: “be kind, be gentle and loving is easy to remember and place into practice right way. I loved her beautiful meditations. I am enjoying a powerful sigh as I remember...
Lynda Farmer
Adoley's Soul Space course got my attention as it sounded so nurturing. My home has always been so important to me as it’s where I regenerate & I felt I had lost that connection. I am also moving house soon & wanted to downsize plus I needed to clear a past relationships belongings from my space.The course content is fantastic with some great tools that really work and some fab guest speakers. The whole essence of the course is to have only those things that we love, that bring us joy. I reconnected with my heart. I have just felt so involved in the programme & Adoley is such a great coach. I feel I have climbed mountains. I am getting my house back, my space back. It feels so much clearer, I feel so much clearer.I have to say SoulSpace is without a doubt THE single most powerful personal development course/tool out there. I don't say that lightly as I have done my fair share of courses. By de-cluttering you really get to see who you are and who you want to be. If someone had told me that before the course I would not have believed them.
Angela Frecklington, Australia
"This new sense of space both internal and external allows me to now find time to rest, to make time for what I want to do and to have FUN. As I create the life I want, I will make fun a priority."
Linda Seren, USA
I am a hoarder and there is little space around me. I worked with an organizer and a hoarding specialist to deal with my clutter. They made most of the decisions.The place looked great but within a few weeks things went back to “normal” – clutter everywhere.SoulSpace was different. I had never explored what lay behind my physical clutter. I began to see things in a different way and acknowledge the emotional issues behind why I held onto my possessions.After I finished SoulSpace my aunt and uncle visited my home and were astonished by the difference in my home. They said it was the biggest change they had seen in years. I didn’t finish clearing the whole house. It’s still a work in progress. But I learned to clear whole areas – the walk in closet, the kitchen and the family room so we could all sit down to dinner. We hadn’t done that in years. It’s been eight months since I completed the program and we can still sit down as a family for dinner. Now that’s progress.SoulSpace was absolutely invaluable. It gave me wonderful tools that I still use, and powerful new ways of seeing my life that have helped me to make different choices. I now have a much better idea of what I want and what is best for me and I have the confidence to go after it.
Jenny Van Sarloos - Perth, Australia
I’m a Mom and a wife and a healer and I’m always focused on taking care of everyone else. Sometimes it feels as if there’s no room for me. Adoley gave me a way to make decisions and choices that were simple and made sense to me. The more I followed her method, the clearer I got about what I wanted and what was important to me. I loved the whole idea of creating my SoulSpace. It was great to focus on what I wanted as I cleared my clutter. To make a Sacred Contract with myself was important for me. I don’t usually put myself first. Now everyone in my family knows I have my sacred space and times just for me and they respect that. I didn’t know how to do that before. I’m Good things keep happening to me! I received a windfall I didn’t expect. I’m treating myself to a trip to Italy. I’ve wanted to go for years and I’m finally doing it and by myself! I love that I have more space in my physical world but the space in the other areas in my life is even better.
Anna M - Asheville, NC.
SoulSpace wasn’t just useful it was FUN. Not what you expect in a decluttering program! But it was. It was like doing the Artist’s Way but for your life. SoulSpace opened me up to my creativity as a designer of my space AND my life. I felt I took back control. I definitely got back in the flow. Especially in listening to my guidance. I had a dream in which I saw the perfect picture for my SoulSpace and a few weeks after the program, I found it in a gallery!Adoley had so many things that made the program special, the weekly motivational emails, the beautiful journal, the processes - like the Self-Love Vacation. But the best thing is having her as your daily coach for two months through the whole thing sending you emails and answering your questions. Treat yourself to SoulSpace. It’s definitely worth it!
Celia Barber - London
I thought I was going to spend my time getting rid of my physical clutter but I did more clearing of the emotional and mental stuff! I always have something else to do on my to do list so it was amazing to focus on letting go. I loved using a let go list as part of my daily schedule. I always felt I had to finish everything and felt guilty if I didn’t.Adoley’s a great coach. She gave me permission to complete on my incompletions. I had all these things I felt guilty about not doing that I really didn’t want to do! So I crossed them off my list and let them go! Yay! I got much better at understand why I hold onto so much stuff. Now I love to give stuff away…. I have so much more space around me and in my life and I feel so much lighter. In fact, I lost 12 1bs without even trying! That’s the kind of thing that happens when you do SoulSpace.
Mary D - Atlanta
There were so many touches that made the program special. Great tools for clutter clearing. It really helped me to actually get it done. Loved Adoley’s motivational emails, the guest expert calls, the wonderful processes, the beautiful journal and meditations. I still listen to those even now. This is very special. It’s not just a program it’s a way of life and it’s made a big difference for me.
Jamila - California

The Easy Way

It’s hard to feel good when you are stressed out about money, drained by health challenges, or don’t feel your work has meaning and can’t find your life purpose or create the fulfilling relationships or that special love you long for.

Especially when you know deep in your soul that there HAS to be a better way and that there’s a whole other life you are meant to be living.

Is that you and are you SO ready for a MIRACLE to take you there?

If you feel a resounding “YES”, I invite you to shift your perspective for a moment and just allow yourself to imagine a life where you are “in the flow”. Where you experience your heart’s desires - that longed for relationship, financial prosperity, vibrant health and aliveness and things just come to you – miraculously - and you don’t have to “earn” them. Where even in times of challenges and setbacks you have peace of mind and confidence. This my friend… IS The Easy Way!

There is a powerful blueprint that will show you step by step exactly how to take back your power and live a life where you manifest easily and experience miracles as you create the life of your dreams. A life beyond even what you have imagined. And I promise you that you will discover that it isn’t where you have been looking for answers. Let me show you how.

Easy Way Testimonials:

"My primary goal in joining the 6 month Easy Way Mastermind Program was to find my soulmate.…for the last five years I seemed to only attract women that were not ready for a life time relationship. With the personal guidance and tools from Adoley I step by step went through a process that allowed the energy to flow in my favor. The process was both instructive and helpful, but also at the same time frustrating, taking time, not giving immediate results. At these frustrating times the help from Adoley and the other members of the group - the feeling of fellowship and oneness - was extremely important."

"I have been together with my soulmate now for almost 3 months and feeling so grateful, happy and madly in love. My heartfelt thanks, Adoley."
Magnus Lindstrom
"If you are searching for your true path to your highest and most authentic self Adoley’s Easy Mastermind program can help you to find your path if you are willing to do the work necessary to clear your way to success!"

"Adoley is my new guardian angel and I am so thankful she chose me to work with!"

"All of Adoley’s keys to success helped unlock my gifts and helped me grow and learn to dream big! My eyes are now open to the fact I am limitless and to dream even bigger and better than I ever thought before."
Patty Kitchen
If you are looking to find or know if you are clear with your intentions and are on the right path to living your true purpose this is the course for you!Adoley helped me make my dream come true! Her program has given me the foundation to have faith in myself, be more confident, understand how to put a plan into action and know I can do anything I put my mind to do!With the Easy Mastermind program I have cleared many beliefs about myself that are no longer true or serve my highest good.I have learned to love myself unconditionally, without judgement and start every day with a smile.I am much more aware of my thoughts and feelings and recognize I am in full control of my words and actions.I have cleared a lot of past mistakes, hurts, memories, bad thoughts and experiences that no longer serve me and strive to live joyfully in each moment, knowing I did the best I could at the time.I am back in touch with my creativity and listen to my heart and soul much more closely now.I am no longer afraid to ask for help or for what I want.I have a new group of like-minded lifelong friends who love and support me just the way I am and I continue to find my true authentic self, more and more each day.I am much more happy and peaceful and I am finally learning how to relax and just be! I no longer have to be constantly doing to feel good about myself.If you are searching for your true path to your highest and most authentic self Adoley’s Easy Mastermind program can take you on your path if you are willing to do the work necessary to clear your way to success!Adoley is my new guardian angel and I am so thankful she chose me to work with!All of Adoley’s keys to success helped unlock my gifts and helped me grow and learn to dream big! My eyes are now open to the fact I am limitless and to dream even bigger and better than I ever thought before.As my Rocky theme songs states:I am feeling strong now, Getting strong now, Wont’ be long now, Gonna fly now, flying high now! Gonna fly, fly, fly! I have set the intention to live my live in a way that will serve me and my highest potential with love and divine purpose all in the right time and place. I am in God’s hands now!
Patty Kitchen