Our Mission


To empower people to let go of self-limiting beliefs, recognize their essential wholeness and express their genius (full potential) by connecting to the divine power within. To master spiritual principles and develop the mind and skillset to co-create successful, abundant lives filled with miracles every day.


While we begin with the individual, our aim is no less than global transformation, one person at a time. Through working together towards common goals, we can find lasting solutions to recurring social problems.  Our programs unite people of all races and backgrounds, recognizing that we are one mind, one people, one planet.



Adoley’s special commitment is to the transformation of Africa by providing education and health programs to empower women and children, in her home country, Ghana, West Africa. 10% of our income goes to funding Ghanaian Mother’s Hope, a grassroots organization that is building pre-schools, providing resources and education programs and health education to Ghanaian women. You can get involved at a grassroots level. There are opportunities not only to provide money, but also to visit Ghana as a volunteer or to become a mentor to a child on a long-term basis