"You are Spirit, Mind and Body:
Nourish Your Spirit, Master Your Mind,
Nurture Your Body."
Adoley Odunton
"Miracles are taking place in your life every day. Slow down, notice and acknowledge them. Recognize all the ways in which your life is working and that you live in a supportive Universe. Remember that life is for you and miracles are unfolding in your life all the time."
From 52 Weeks to Create the Life You Love by Adoley Odunton
"The Universe can dream a much
Bigger dream than you can ever imagine.
Expect A Miracle!"
- Adoley Odunton
"Know Your Source
Claim Your Power
Live Authentically, Joyfully.
This is Life - theEasy Way."
- Adoley Odunton
"You are not broken
There’s nothing wrong with you
You don’t need fixing
It’s time to recognize your true potential and activate it."
- Adoley Odunton

Adoley Odunton is part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries and thought-leaders and a powerful advocate for health and wholeness in body, mind and spirit. Her mission is to empower people to let go of self-limiting beliefs, recognize their essential wholeness and express their genius (full potential) by connecting to the divine power within.

​Adoley earned a Masters Degree in English from Oxford University. She began her career, first as a television star in England, then as a producer in Hollywood where she mastered the art of “making things happen” and supervised the production of over 40 movies for television. A physical breakdown due to constantly “running on empty” and a long struggle to heal herself of a rare auto-immune disease led to a wholesale reassessment of her life and a spiritual calling. She became a licensed spiritual practitioner trained by Michael Beckwith (The Secret) and a life coach.

Her journey to health became a catalyst for another change; she became an author. Her popular books, Confessions of An Adrenaline Addict: How to Achieve More with Less Effort and 52 Weeks to the Life You Love became the foundation for her popular life balance and life purpose seminars and coaching programs.

For seven years, Adoley Odunton hosted the popular Wellness Revolution interviewing global thought leaders on health, wellness and empowerment. The web series provided cutting-edge solutions to hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide.

​As a professional speaker, Adoley has given keynotes and seminars at numerous universities, women’s associations and national conferences. She has conducted seminars and provided coaching for major corporations including Amgen, Boeing, Staples, Northrup, the Social Security Administration; LAPD, IRS; Edwards AFB; The Veterans’ Department, and the Cities of Long Beach, Los Angeles, Riverside and Lancaster.

​Adoley attributes the success, balance and joy she now experiences in her life and work to letting go of the drive to “make things happen” and surrendering to a life “lived through inspiration” – Life the Easy Way - a process she now teaches and inspires in others throughout her programs and events.