listening to the Gratitude Meditation Will:

  • Increase Your Self-Esteem and Happiness
  • Improve Your Relationship With Others
  •  Make You More Open and Receptive, So  Good Things Can  Come Into  Your Life
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Produce Happy and Feel Good Hormones

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Praise for Adoley...

I am fortunate to have worked consistently with Adoley as a Spiritual Life Coach and it has transformed my life. I was completely stuck when I began working with her and in three months my life is unrecognizable. I feel a sense of confidence and inner peace. I’m finally learning to trust my intuition. And I am manifesting all over the place! At 42 years, I finally have a terrific new relationship, a promotion and a huge raise and I’m finally living on purpose. It feels miraculous. I had no idea that Prayers and an understanding of Spiritual Law could make such a difference in my life.
Erica Carter, Executive - New York
I never would have foreseen all that came up to look at. I am a great person for clearing clutter physical on a ongoing basic with my life. This is something i find myself doing before i can go into the other levels. But this was very different i cleared stuff that i tolerated in my life. Example dogs barking, going back deeper to family issues, i thought i had resolved. I made the connection that its all tied up. Stands had to be made and not apologizing for this. Still not done still feel more to come. Was working on more inner peace and happiness. Had to really look at myself and do thing that i found difficult and hard. But inner peace and happpiness is growing and so grateful............ Thankyou thankyou for all the support.
Pamela Burke
"My primary goal in joining the 6 month Easy Way Mastermind Program was to find my soulmate.…for the last five years I seemed to only attract women that were not ready for a life time relationship. With the personal guidance and tools from Adoley I step by step went through a process that allowed the energy to flow in my favor. The process was both instructive and helpful, but also at the same time frustrating, taking time, not giving immediate results. At these frustrating times the help from Adoley and the other members of the group - the feeling of fellowship and oneness - was extremely important."

"I have been together with my soulmate now for almost 3 months and feeling so grateful, happy and madly in love. My heartfelt thanks, Adoley."
Magnus Lindstrom

"I had money luck today. One of my tenants owes me over $3,000 from a year ago. I didn't think i would ever see that money, but today i received a check from him for $500. Extra money that i didn't plan on."

Maryi Maryii - NJ

Adoley's Invocation to Release Fear And Worry About Money

This prayer helps you get past Fear and Worry about lack of money and the beliefs that produce more of the same! This prayer shifts this mindset once and for all and puts you in a frequency to generate and enjoy having money – lots of it.

This prosperity prayer from my InspiraAction Now program  is designed to raise your vibration and connect you to the Infinite Power that supports you in each and every moment. It teaches you the spiritual principles for prosperity and abundance.  The coaching steps that accompany the prayer gives  you practical steps you can take to create money and prosperity in your life right now.  This powerful prayer anchors your connection to Infinite Intelligence - the true source of your abundance and prosperity - that supports you in each and every moment.

"Thank you for providing us with so many amazing resources that puts the power to heal in our own hands.  You are at the leading edge of the health care revolution." 

Carina Helstrom

A Guide to Alternative Remedies and Herbal Remedies 

A valuable reference guide to your family's health detailing common health challenges for men, women and children. It provides information about various alternative  approaches that are helpful for these conditions and herbal remedies for common ailments that have proven to be effective.


Adoley’s Wellness Revolution interview with author and retired pediatric surgeon, Dr. Bernie Siegel, a pioneer in the alternative medicine field. Bernie writes, lectures and teaches on the relationship between the patient and the healing process. He is known for his best-selling book Love, Medicine and Miracles. His topic is “Real Life Healing Miracles and How You can Create One in Your Life.“

"When I did this earlier this year my focus was on clearing space. That was a necessary step to pave the way for me to focus on my goals & get clear on my priorities, which I'm doing now. No more putting other people's agendas before my own!"

Linda Seren

Meditation to connect with your Inner Guide

Many people have a hard time connecting with their intuition and listening and trusting the guidance that they hear. This beautiful meditation allows you to let go of the rational mind that doubts and discounts the inner language of the soul. As you surrender and allow your subconscious to direct you, it connects you to your “Inner Guide” - that Higher Power that is always there to support and guide you for your best and highest good.

When we have challenges in our physical condition, whether it is physical illness or a condition in our live such as lack of money, these conditions feel very “real” solid and hard to change. Yet spirituality and science now both confirm that the conditions in our life, no matter how real or solid they appear to be, are energy. They began with a thought that coalesced into a form or condition and thoughts can be changed.

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The Gratitude Meditation Guide Will Teach You How To:

  • Increase Self-Esteem and Be Happier
  • Improve Your Relationship With Others
  • Be More Open For Good Things To Come In Your Life
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Produce Happy and Feel Good Hormones

Get the gratitude meditation free by simply entering your name and email address