Declutter Your Life and Open the Flow to Greater

Prosperity, Happiness and Personal Power

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Join me for SoulSpace — a LIVE 8-week Soul Journey. I will be there with you every step of the way to answer your questions and coach you through the process that will result in:

  • To get rid of your physical clutter fast and effectively and not have it come back
  • Have more space in your life, inner and outer, for great new things to come in
  • Let go of stress (the #1 cause of disease) and relax and enjoy life more
  • Hear your Divine Guidance freely and easily and trust in your intuition
  • Reconnect to Source Energy, get in the FLOW, and manifest the things you most want
  • Experience "lucky breaks" and "synchronicities" without having to earn them
  • Be happier and enjoying life - because it's only filled with things that bring you love and joy
  • Stand in your power and be able to ask for what you want and need

Clutter isn't just your physical stuff, it's your thoughts and emotions as well. Clutter is stuck energy. It wastes your time and drains your energy, but most of all it blocks the flow of new opportunities, relationships, money, and experiences from coming into your life.

I will help you uncover the invisible cords that bind you to your clutter so you can begin to cut them. As you cut them, you open the flow and NEW ENERGY comes into your life — in the form of MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS, OPPORTUNITIES and much more.


  • If you had space where you can relax and let go
  • Space to listen to your guidance and trust your intuition
  • Space to hear yourself think and feel so you can confidently make decisions knowing exactly what is right for you
  • Space to trust yourself so you can stand in your power and ask for what you want and need
  • Space to bring in something new, something you really love that brings you joy
  • Space to manifest money, relationships, opportunities, easily and effortlessly

Welcome to Your SoulSpace…

Your SoulSpace is reflected in your inner and outer world. It’s reflected in a life:

  • Filled with the people, places and things you love.
  • Where you feel vibrant, alive and full of energy.
  • Where “lucky breaks” happen to you without your having to “earn” them
  • And money and opportunities flow to you easily
  • Where you are aligned in your work and life purpose

That is Your SoulSpace…

     Hi, I’m Adoley Odunton, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a spiritual teacher and life coach. I’ve been studying and teaching the art of spiritual manifestation and how to apply spiritual principles in your daily life – for over 20 years. I’ve used the tools and taught them for all this time. But there are still times I get stuck in my life just like everybody else.

     Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck in one or more area of your life? You can’t lose weight, find that relationship you long for or find work, a career, that’s fulfilling that pays you well. No matter how hard you try, it’s a struggle to manifest what you really want. It feels as if everything is stagnant. I know what that feels like and it can happen to you even if you’re in quotes “successful.” I’ve been there. It’s happened several times in my life and it’s a really frustrating place to be. There’ve even been times when it’s felt as if I lost my connection to God or the Universe. Times when I felt I couldn’t hear my guidance clearly and I’m a spiritual counselor!

     One of those times, some years ago, after a very successful career as a television executive, I felt frustrated and unhappy in my work but I couldn’t seem to move forward and find something else. I just felt stuck. And one day after I prayed to God in frustration that I wasn’t getting the help I needed, I looked around me and it was as if I saw my environment both inside and out for the first time. I felt all the stagnant energy around me and I realized how much clutter I had in my life. I saw how much time and energy I spent thinking about and but not dealing with things in my life.  I realized I had a lot of mental and emotional clutter I need to clear out. And I heard my guides telling me that my job for the next few months was to clean up my clutter. I began to make conscious choices about my life and my environment. And as I cleared up my mental and emotional clutter along with my physical, I found that things started to move again in my life… doors started to open right and left, opportunities came to me from out of the blue and next thing I know, I was offered a wonderful job as a TV producer and I was back in the flow.

     And what I’ve come to know, is that when I’m in that place where I’m working real hard to try and manifest and it’s just not happening, if I look around me at my environment and especially when I look within me, (at my thoughts and my emotions), nine times out of ten, I see a lot of clutter. There’s stuck energy in my life and when I address it, when I consciously release that blocked energy, things start moving again and I start manifesting. Life becomes easier and more exciting. I’m in the flow! That magical experience WHERE you manifest things easily and effortlessly. You expect good things to come your way and they do! So whenever I’m stuck or I’m having a hard time manifesting. I look around and check inside and I feel and see all the stuff, all the clutter, I’m holding onto so then I know what to do.

So whenever I’m stuck or I’m having a hard time manifesting, I look around and check inside. And I feel and see all the stuff, all the clutter, I’m holding onto and then I know what to do. It’s a signal for me to use the SoulSpace process that I’m going to share with you. I’ve shared it successfully with hundreds of women and I’ve seen the impact it’s had on their lives and I know it can do the same for you. I would love you to join me on the SoulSpace Journey

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When you hit a plateau and your life feels stagnant, it’s incredibly frustrating.

You do everything you know to get in the flow again – creating vision boards, affirmations, working hard and doing everything to try and make something happen.

And yet you stay stuck.

The truth is all that struggle and effort just leaves you even more disconnected from your intuition and guidance. So then feel frustrated and beat yourself up even more.

So what’s the answer?

It’s not about doing more or pushing harder.

It’s about letting go.

Letting go of all the clutter in your life that’s bogging you down and draining your energy.

We tend to think clutter is physical. Your physical clutter is the symptom, but its roots are mental and emotional. Until you address the root causes that are blocking you, you won’t be able to lose that extra weight, increase your income or meet the loving partner you long for.

LIVE Master Classes with Adoley plus Q & A & Mentoring (90 mins)

These Master Classes will cover the 6 Stages of Decluttering Your Life and Creating Your SoulSpace I guide you in creating your SoulSpace and teach you the process for clearing your inner and outer clutter and connection with and claiming what you REALLY want. I make sure to create a safe space where you can share and be yourself.  

In these group Master Classes you will: 

  • Discover the hidden payoff that has kept your clutter in place and learn how to free yourself and let it go.
  • Learn the process for clearing your inner and outer clutter so you can discover and create your SoulSpace.
  • Release emotional and spiritual blocks that have been weighing you down and experience greater freedom.
  • Create more order, harmony and space in your life.
  • Gain clarity on who you are NOW and how to claim what you REALLY want and actually develop the space to create it!
  • Experience greater happiness, confidence, and your manifesting powers will be unleashed as you are back in the Flow of Divine Energy.

8 Unique Energy Processes and Meditations

These activations, meditations and energy processes will help to integrate the shifts you are experiencing and accelerate your results.

They are intended to accelerate the process of shedding your clutter, create balance in your inner and outer environment, and allow you to take ownership of your co-creative power with Source Energy.

What is Included:

  1. Morning Motivator Meditation
  2. Evening Relaxation Meditation
  3. One with the Universe Meditation
  4. Creating your SoulSpace Activation
  5. Divine Encounter: Your Spirit Guides give you the Qualities of Your SoulSpace
  6. Align, Immersion & Flow: Get into the Universal Flow of Abundance!
  7. Quick Stress Reduction Exercise
  8. Sacred Ceremony to Bless Your SoulSpace

3 Motivational Emails each week

I will help keep you on track as you create your personal SoulSpace to open to the flow and to support you in each phase of your SoulSpace Journey.

A SoulSpace Journal

I will give you a journal to record your experiences, insights and wins.

A Private SoulSpace Community on Facebook

I have created a private online community for you to share your challenges, insights and successes along the way and  I will be there to provide one on one mentoring to you  You will also be able to interact with fellow travelers.

Clearing clutter by yourself can be tiring and drain your energy. The beauty of SoulSpace is that you do it in community. You receive support, encouragement as you share your progress on this transformational journey. 

4 Guest Expert Interviews on
Feng Shui, Organizing, Space Clearing and Forgiveness 

  • Feng Shui Master, Karter Diamond
  • Professional Organizer, Charlotte Stewart
  • Space Clearing Practitioner, Annette Kurtz
  • Forgiveness Counselor and Author, Ana Holub

Claim Your SoulSpace Package Now...

A $497 Value, Now Only $147


2 Payment Option of $73.50

Available @ Checkout!

Special Bonus 2
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My Money Manifestation Class

MP3 Download from My Easy Way Program. This class reveals the spiritual principles for rapid money manifestation and the practical tools you need to keep and grow your money. This is bar none my most popular class in the program.Taking action quickly – inspired action – is critical if you are to manifest your dreams and intentions. So if this program resonates with you and you act decisively, my gift to you is:

Special Bonus 3 
Private Healing Session with Adoley 

Private Session with Adoley!


A PRIVATE/ONE ON ONE COACHING SESSION to be scheduled with during the course of the program only. 

Do you REALLY want to hold onto all your old stuff and miss this once in a lifetime opportunity? Or is it FINALLY time to let go, Grab a Seat on the SoulSpace Train Now and become who you truly are meant to be?

“Adoley is a wonderful coach and Spiritual Teacher. What I love is that she really knows her stuff and helps you apply spiritual principles in your everyday life. SoulSpace is very practical and deeply spiritual at the same time. It’s a beautiful way to get rid of the stuff you don’t need in your life.

~~Mary H
New York

The Six Phases of Creating Your SoulSpace

Phase 1: Awareness & Intention

During your SoulSpace Journey, you will use simple and powerful processes to identify your clutter and evaluate what you need and really want in your life. You will also free yourself from the far-reaching effects of clutter and blocked energy on your life. As you let go of things you no longer need, you feel lighter and more energized. You begin creating the space for a deeper connection to your inner guidance so you can experience the flow.

You will discover what your SoulSpace is and begin the process of creating it.

Phase 2: Getting Started

You will receive A PROVEN SYSTEM with effective strategies for clearing your physical clutter fast based on best practices of experts and tested on our clients. You will be given a blueprint so you know exactly what to do each stage of the process.

Phase 3: The Art of Letting Go

Instead of organizing your life around your TO DO LIST, you will create a LET GO LIST. As you let go not just of things but people, places, and beliefs that you have outgrown, you open the flow by creating the space for opportunities to come in.The renewed energy that is released helps you to think clearly, live in the present moment and make wise choices and seize opportunities that are available right now.

Phase 4: Allow and Accept

I will guide and support you with SIMPLE PROCESSES & ENERGY HEALING to connect with and release your pent-up emotions making room for new healing energy to flow in. You will discover the gift of releasing stored emotions – by letting go of the past you are free to live in the present and take full advantage of the opportunities and experiences that are right in front of you.

Phase 5: Embrace & Know (Yourself)

When you clear away your clutter, you create space. You create breathing room to unwind and just be. To listen and find yourself again. Your SoulSpace is a place to find your inner compass, to find home base in an ever-changing world. Through playful but powerful techniques you will learn to forgive yourself and release self-judgement. You discover your inner home and heart as you honor yourself by clearing the clutter within and listening to your heart. You honor yourself by making choices that put you first. Through the power of forgiveness and self-love you discover your inner home and heart.

Phase 6: Creating Sacred Space

Now that you have cleared the clutter from within, you can CONNECT with your inner guidance and the Infinite Intelligence that created you. You can then align with your life purpose so you can express your gifts and talents and be your authentic self.Your SoulSpace Journey is not just about letting go, it is about INVITING IN the life you desire by consciously creating Your SoulSpace. I lead you in the SOULSPACE CEREMONY where you celebrate the sacred SoulSpace you have created that reflects your essence and gives you a place in your outer world where you can thrive. Your inner and outer world are in alignment. Fully empowered, you are ready to live the life you were born to live and be the magnificent and powerful woman (man) that you know you are RIGHT NOW.

Claim Your SoulSpace Package Now...

A $497 Value, Now Only $147 

2 Payment Option of $73.50

Available @ Checkout!

What would you like
to make more space
for in your life?

Claim Your SoulSpace Package Now...

A $497 Value, Now Only $147

2 Payment Option of $73.50

Available @ Checkout!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re ready to prove everything we claim. Get SoulSpace right now, and use it for the next 30 DAYS. If the program does not live up to the claims stated here, I don’t want your money, and I’ll give back every penny to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

…I thought I was going to spend my time getting rid of my physical clutter but I did more clearing of the emotional and mental stuff! I always have something else to do on my to do list so it was amazing to focus on letting go. I had all these things I felt guilty about not doing that I really didn’t want to do! So I crossed them off my list and let them go! Yay!

I got much better at understand why I hold onto so much stuff. Now I love to give stuff away…. I have so much more space around me and in my life and I feel so much lighter. I’m in the FLOW! In fact, I lost 71bs without even trying! That’s the kind of thing that happens when you do SoulSpace.

~~Mary D
South Carolina

“ I’m a Mom and a wife and I’m always focused on taking care of everyone else. Sometimes it felt as if there was no room for me. Adoley gave me a way to make decisions and choices that was simple and made sense to me. The more I followed her method, the clearer I got about what I wanted and what was important to me. I loved the whole idea of creating my SoulSpace. It was great to focus on what I wanted as I cleared my clutter. I don’t usually put myself first. Now everyone in my family knows I have my sacred space and times just for me and they respect that. I didn’t know how to do that before.

Good things keep coming into my life. I won a trip to Italy! I’ve wanted to go for years and I’m finally doing it! I love that I have more space in my physical world but the space in the other areas in my life is even better.”

~~Sylvia R

To your liberating SoulSpace!

Adoley Odunton

P.S. I can’t wait to hear your success stories as you create your SoulSpace and live in the flow.

Claim Your SoulSpace Package Now...

A $497 Value, Now Only $147

2 Payment Option of $73.50

Available @ Checkout!

Adoley Odunton is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Author and host of the acclaimed Wellness Revolution Telesummit Series, providing leading edge information and resources about health, wellness and empowerment to listeners worldwide. She has empowered thousands of people to make lasting and positive changes in their lives.

Adoley had a successful career in television until a physical breakdown due to constantly “running on empty” resulted in a rare autoimmune disease. Her struggle to heal herself led to a spiritual calling. She became a licensed spiritual practitioner trained by Michael Beckwith (The Secret) and a life coach and created the Wellness Revolution.

Adoley’s mission is to educate and empower people to let go of self-limiting beliefs, recognize their essential wholeness and express their full potential by connecting to the divine power within.

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