Prayers That Heal

21 Days to Change Your Life

Maxwell Maltz identified the 21 day phenomenon: The fact that the human mind takes almost exactly 21 days to adjust to a major life change, universally. Our brain circuits take engrams (memory traces), and produce neuroconnections and neuro-pathways only if they are bombarded for 21 days in a row. This means that our brain does not accept new data for a change of habit unless it is repeated each day for 21 days (without missing a day).

Prayers that Heal is a 21 Day Process based on Spiritual Law and the Science of Manifestation that is designed to raise your Consciousness and Increase your Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing.

These are prayers that I have used in my daily practice. They are designed “to meet you were you are at". We all have “valley days” when we lose heart, experience set backs and life can seem bleak. These prayers acknowledge our valley days and are designed to lift your spirits and bring you back to an understanding of who you really are and a direct experience of Power and Presence that supports you in each and every moment.

We also have moments where we are ready to affirm the truth of who we are and experience life in its fullness. This 21 day process leads you to experience this truth more and more so that it becomes your natural way of being.

A $590 Value, but yours for just $97!

Here's What You'll Get In The Package:


2 Morning Prayers - Start the Day with Prayer

A prayer you can use every day to “set” your intention to have a wonderful day and a prayer for those days when you wake up in a funk and it’s hard to get started.

Value: $35


Evening Prayer

How you end your day, affects the quality of your sleep and the subconscious programs you run during your dream state. A prayer to “clear” the day and prepare you for a deep, restful sleep.

Value: $35


A Prayer For Faith

Develop faith that is strong no matter what the conditions or circumstances of your life.

Value: $35


A Prayer Embracing Change: I Am Ready for Change

An empowering prayer that anchors your intention to change your life and Affirms that you have all that you need to create a magnificent life.

Value: $35


A Prayer When Change is Hard For You: I am Willing to Change

Sometimes, we want to change and know it’s necessary but we are stuck and afraid. This prayer, helps you to release the fear and “stuck energy” and become available and willing to change.

Value: $35


A Prayer for Health and Wholeness

A prayer you can use every day to “set” your intention to have a wonderful day and a prayer for those days when you wake up in a funk and it’s hard to get started.

Value: $35


A Prayer To Release Fear and Worry About Money

Fear and Worry about lack of money produces more of the same!

​This prayer shifts this mindset once and for all and puts you in a frequency to generate and enjoy having money – lots of it.

Value: $35


A Prayer To Eliminate Debt and Financial Chaos

So many people live in this debilitating condition. This prayer will give you the confidence, energy and power to bring order and harmony into Your financial affairs. Then watch how you manifest money and greater wealth!

Value: $35


A Prayer To Release Anger, Jealousy, Fear and Judgement

Negative emotions that are held in our hearts and minds are toxic to our bodies, our relationships and our lives. Experience the freedom and spaciousness that brings in loving relationships, greater health and joy with this prayer treatment

Value: $35


A Prayer to Heal Trouble Relationships

Relationships that aren’t working cause us so much pain. Release the beliefs and emotions that trap us in patterns of behavior, activate the divine qualities that support healthy relationships and the clarity to know how to set boundaries and when to let go.

Value: $35


A Prayer for Divine Guidance

Align with the Divine Intelligence that is within you. With this GPS system, you no longer have to struggle, work overtime to make things happen, you can begin to live in the divine adventure that was created for your life!

Value: $35


A Prayer For Clarity

This treatment will lift you out of the fog of confusion and illusion so you think clearly, and are empowered to make decisions that support you and serve for the highest and best good of all.

Value: $35


A Prayer of Gratitude

Spiritual law tells us: For those who have will have more given them; and from those who have not, even what they have will be taken away.” Are you ready for greater joy, abundance, happiness and fulfillment? Gratitude is the key. This power prayer multiplies your “having consciousness” so you can attract what you most desire into your life

Value: $35


A Prayer To Believe in the Power to Create Your Dreams

When you realize that you don’t have to do it all by yourself and That you have the power of the Universe behind you, what else is possible? This prayer treatment anchors you firmly into this awareness. It empowers and transforms you into a powerful Creator and Manifestor.

Value: $35


A Prayer When You Are Feeling All Alone

We all have times when we feel small, alone and vulnerable. This treatment acknowledges where you are and lifts you out of that state in just a few minutes. Leaving you feeling empowered, knowing you are supported and at peace.

Value: $35


A Prayer of Forgiveness For Others

It can be hard to let go when we have been hurt by others. Anchored in spiritual law, this prayer assists you in letting go and trusting again.

Value: $35


A Prayer of Forgiveness of Self

It can be even harder sometimes to forgive ourselves for the things We believe we have done wrong. When we understand who we are and the nature of the Power that created us, it helps us to forgive Ourselves. This beautiful prayer empowers you to do just that.

Value: $35


A Prayer of Surrender - Let Go and Trust

Where are you holding on in relationships, to possessions, to beliefs, to illusions, where do you think you have to do it all? Where are you afraid to let go because you don’t trust you will be taken care of or that it will be okay? This prayer clears these beliefs and releases the chains that are tying your spirit down.

Value: $35


A Prayer For Self-Love

Many of us do not know how to love and be kind to ourselves. This prayer connects and aligns you to Source Energy that is love. And the Greatest Spiritual leaders tell us that Love is the greatest power of All

Value: $35


A Prayer To Prepare the Divine Plan For Your Life

If you are wondering about your life purpose, feel called to be of Service to humanity, or feel there is more within you that you long to express, this prayer opens the channel for you to receive and align with the divine plan for your life.

Value: $35


Prayer For Peace For Yourself and the World

The Dalai Lama reminds us that “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves” This prayer brings you to a state of inner peace that can then be reflected in the world around you.

Value: $35

A $590 Value, but yours for just $97!


Diana Whitley Entrepreneur (Arizona)

“What I love about Adoley’s prayers is that she taps into what I am feeling – and then in a few minutes everything changes. I feel more alive, more confident, my faith is stronger, and I know deep within that whatever I was concerned about – whether it was my finances, relationships, health, or whatever — something profound has shifted. Adoley’s prayers are powerful. They really heal. Just one prayer can shift your relationship with money, so I hope a lot of people do this — it will help our economy! I can’t wait to receive my daily prayer for the next 21 days.”

Erica Carter Executive (New York)

“I am fortunate to have worked consistently with Adoley as a Spiritual Life Coach and it has transformed my life. I was completely stuck when I began working with her and in three months my life is unrecognizable. I feel a sense of confidence and inner peace. And I am manifesting all over the place! I have a terrific new relationship, a promotion and raise and I’m finally living on purpose. I had no idea that Prayers and an understanding of Spiritual Law could make such a difference in my life.”

Sylvia Branneman Accountant (London)

“I love getting Adoley’s prayers. I look forward to her daily email with a story or teaching that centers me for the day and a healing prayer that and lifts my spirits and puts me in the right framework for the day. Her voice and her prayers heal!”

About Adoley Odunton, ASLP

Adoley Odunton has empowered thousands of people to make lasting and positive life changes in their lives. Adoley earned a Masters Degree in English from Oxford University. She began her career, first as a television star in England, then as a producer in Hollywood where she mastered the art of “making things happen”. She has supervised the production of over 40 movies for television. A physical breakdown due to constantly “running on empty” led to a wholesale reassessment of her life and a spiritual calling. Adoley became a licensed spiritual practitioner (ALSP) trained by Michael Beckwith (The Secret), a life coach and a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Kundalini Yoga instructor. She is the author of 52 Weeks to the Life You Love, co-author of Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict: How to Achieve More with Less Effort with Deborah Deras, a featured author in the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Body and Soul and in Chellie Campbell’s financial masterwork From Zero to Zillionaire.


We are sharing this offer this because we believe it will truly help you elevate your personal vibration and send waves of energy rippling through the collective consciousness into the hearts of every glorious being of light within humanity. If you are not satisfied with the series, or would prefer not to contribute to these charities, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase. We believe in this series and the intention of possibility it contains, that we will take on the risk. So try it risk free today!

A $590 Value, but yours for just $97!