Adoley Odunton.

Click on Adoley's smile to read his blog! Click on Adoley's smile to read his blog!

Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict

Adoley’s popular book examining a root cause of illness in her life. With Deborah Deras.

Wellness Revolution 2012 – Embracing Wholeness

This is season 4 of this breakthrough series in which Adoley interviews 28 of the world’s leading healers and pioneers of alternative and integrative medicine. Available for instant download or on CDs.

Healers’ Circle – Birthing the New You

Beginning August 27. This teleseminar series offers direct healing sessions, no interviewer, just the healers and listeners working directly together in 75 minute sessions. Experience the power of the newest technique. Register here for a free pass and over $100 of free healing gifts.

Earthing Summit – The World’s Greatest Health Discovery Ever?

One hour webinar with Dr. Christy Western and leaders in energy healing like Dr. Steven Sinatra, reveal the simplest, easiest. most effective health discovery – maybe ever! Free webinar.

Healthier Magazine

First issue will be available on your ipad, or smart phone in September 2012. The easiest and most entertaining way to get the latest news on holistic healing.

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